What is your favorite back-to-school purchase?


With backpacks, colored pencils, and cartoon character-covered lunchboxes slowly making their way back onto store shelves, we figured now is a great time to ask Moriches residents what their favorite back-to-school items were or are.

Some participants got nostalgic, thinking of their 1980s and 1990s childhoods, while others thought of what “back-to-school” means now. Do you have an opinion? Let us know.

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(Pictured together) Katherine Mulholland and Kim

Katherine Mulholland: “I loved getting school supplies. I looked forward to going back to school, specifically because of the supplies. Organizational tools were my favorite. Colored pencils, highlighters, Post-its. I loved to use them. I was always into organizational tools—I still am.”

Kim: “I loved notebooks, pens, and organizers. I had to mark everything out and have everything planned. My workspace was always organized by color and topic.”

(Pictured) Alba Luna Eleoteri and Dyana Valoyes:

“I like my pink dress, pink shoes, backpack, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, pink snacks, and some other stuff.”

(NOT Pictured) Annie Hodgins:

“My favorite thing to shop for? New school sneakers. Getting them was always a big deal. It’s different for kids now. When I was growing up, you just didn’t get stuff out-of-the-blue, for no reason. Now kids have like 75 pairs of shoes. We had to wait for ‘back to school’ to get new sneakers. You used them for the whole year.”

(Pictured) Dominique Nason

“I can vividly remember my grandma taking me shopping. We always went shopping together. Every year I would get new shoes. At that time LA Gear high-tops were huge. I loved getting new shoes, but also the school supplies were great. I would get pens, binders. I loved looking at the designs and picking out new stuff. There are so many good memories in that time of year.



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