SBU Hospital and SB Southampton Hospital named leaders in health care equality

SBU hospitals earn honors from the National LGBTQ Health Care Equality Index


Stony Brook University Hospital and Stony Brook Southampton Hospital have
been named leaders this year by the National LGBTQ Health Care Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Stony Brook Medicine formed an LGBTQ Committee to address the needs of the LGBTQ community who enter and exit the doors of these facilities.

“I am very proud and appreciative of the LGBTQ Committee’s collective efforts and hard work to achieve this goal,” said Carol Gomes, Stony Brook University Hospital’s CEO, particularly thanking those staff members directly involved in achieving the recognition.”

The multidisciplinary group reviews, addresses, and affirms the specific and unique needs of the LGBTQ community, and the group includes medical and behavioral health providers and trainees, nurses, students, and others. The hospital’s diversity leadership council ensures the incorporation of programs
like Responding to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and other relevant education

“We are committed to creating an environment where everyone is welcome and valued,” said Robert Chaloner, the chief administrative officer at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. “We are honored to have our efforts recognized and will continue to improve access to services we provide to the LGBTQ community.”

The university’s diversity office is also heavily involved, considering the
LGBTQ initiative through Stony Brook Medicine falls under the office’s umbrella. The university provides a welcoming environment for a diverse student and faculty population, offering unparalleled opportunities to make meaningful contributions as active, involved, and welcomed members of the campus community.

In addition to the diversity office, the undergraduate student body at the university is a younger demographic that overwhelmingly supports the LGBTQ
community, overall. Various clubs based on encouraging inclusion exist and are
not only considerably attended, but participatory, too.

Considering the proximity of campus as well as the medical center, SBU Hospital is Long Island’s premier academic medical center, with 624 beds. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s 124 beds and over 280 professionals complement the Stony Brook location’s mainstay.

“Stony Brook Medicine is committed to serving as a health care leader and addressing health disparities for the LGBTQ* community,” said Adam Gonzalez, director of behavioral health as well as a co-chair on the LGBTQ Committee. “As a gay man and health provider, I am very proud that Stony Brook has
received the LGBTQ health care equality leader designation. We continue to work hard to make Stony Brook a welcoming place for all employees and patients.”


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