Fun at the farm!

The Long Island Game Farm is open for the season


As the largest combined children’s zoo and wildlife park on Long Island, The Long Island Game Farm offers a natural environment to learn about wildlife and animals through education and entertainment.

The game farm features hundreds of animals, including an 18-foot giraffe, wallabies, bison, Barbados sheep, peacocks, and the only lemurs born and bred on Long Island. Their animal collections include both exotic and indigenous breeds, with various breeds of buffalo, parrots, zebra, camels, emus, tortoises, and more.

The Long Island Game Farm has also been rehabilitating and rehoming exotic animals for over 50 years. New this year is the lesser Madagascar tenrec named Rhiannon (Ree for short).

“The bigheartedness of our sponsors really helps us do this necessary rescue and rehab work,” said Melinda Novak. “Hosting safe, beautiful, and state-of-the-art exhibits are a win for the animals, and the many guests who visit us each year who love to learn about our wild inhabitants here at the game farm… going into our 52nd year!”

The Long Island Game Farm is open seven days a week and is located at 489 Chapman Boulevard, Manorville, NY.  For further information, please contact or call 631-878-6670.

To book a private tour, donate or visit: contact-long-island-game-farm/. Tickets can be purchased at the farm.


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