The basketball courts at Moriches Athletic Complex recently got a much-needed makeover, complete with new fencing, new hoops and new backboards. The blacktop was also resurfaced and realigned, making it easier and safer for players to shoot hoops on the courts.

The rejuvenation was welcomed by community members including Ron Turner, who said he’s been somewhat of a squeaky wheel, asking for various repairs over the years. On a recent afternoon, Turner was at the complex shooting hoops with his friend, Jordan Walker.

Turner said the park is important to nearby residents because it’s the only one the community has. 

“We don’t have a lot of parks here. We have stuff, but nothing outside like this. So, this is really where everybody ends up,” he said. 

Walker said another important thing about the Brookhaven Town-run basketball court is what it provides: a safe place for local youth to enjoy athletic activity. 

“The reality is, this park is important because it gets kids off the street and doing something positive,” he said.


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