Town partners with schools for recycling


The Town of Brookhaven holds two recycling events in councilwoman Karen Dunne Kesnig’s 6th District each year. Recently, she hosted a recycling event at Eastport-South Manor Junior/Senior High School on June 1.

In the months leading up to the event, she said, the town worked with the recycling educator for the Town of Brookhaven, Zach Sicardi, bringing assemblies to all four elementary schools in the Eastport-South Manor School District to teach the children more about what they can do to help recycle.

“This program is important to the safety of our environment and the security of Brookhaven residents. Old electronics and medications contain harmful chemicals that pollute our groundwater when disposed of improperly,” said Sicardi. “This program also is an effective tool to reduce potential identity theft by sensitive document destruction through shredding. Brookhaven’s special recycling events make it easy to dispose of these items in a safe, responsible manner. Residents have peace of mind, and their items are recycled to the highest extent possible.”

“Zach did an incredible job, and the students were extremely interested to learn all they can do to recycle,” Dunne Kesnig added.

During the assemblies, they spoke in detail about all the different types of electronics that can be recycled and how anything that can be plugged in can be recycled. 

“One student asked if he could bring in his dad’s Tesla!” she said.

At that point, the Dunne Kesnig and Sicardi decided to make the event into a contest, with each class in each elementary school. The class with the most participation was rewarded with a pizza party sponsored by Dunne Kesnig’s office.

“After word spread of this reward, Jerry DiCecco (from Jerry & the Mermaid), who has students in the district, offered to donate the drinks and dessert for these parties,” she added.

Parties were held for Mr. Robbins’s class at Eastport Elementary, Mrs. Singh’s class at Tuttle Avenue School, Mrs. Friedman’s class at Dayton Avenue, and Mrs. Bobal’s class at South Street School.

“The Eastport-South Manor School District was very pleased to host the Town of Brookhaven recycling day organized by Town councilwoman Karen Dunne Kesnig,” said ESM assistant superintendent for business Timothy Laube. “It was great to see the large community turnout for the event. It was a successful day!”

A total of 7,820 pounds of paper was brought to be shredded during the event, as well as a total of 8,460 pounds of electronic waste.  Also, six large boxes of medications were brought to the event and collected by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office to be destroyed. 

“It was an extremely successful event, and we look forward to October when our next event will take place,” Dunne Kesnig said.

The next recycling event will be held on Oct. 10 at the Center Moriches Library. 


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