The seeds are back!


All you need is your library card to start planting a variety of seeds, provided by your very own local Center Moriches Library.
“The mission of our seed library is to provide information, instruction, and education on sustainable gardening,” explained library director Marcie Litjens.

The CM Library’s seed program began in 2016, and since the inception over 10,000 patrons have “checked out” seeds for free with their library card. The program is funded in part by the Friends of the Library group. 

All of the seeds are non-GMO and organic. Throughout the years, Litjens said that they have curated a selection of over 75 different types of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers to choose from.

Also, if you are interested in learning how to grow a garden but don’t know how to begin, the library has many books to help you get started.

“Whether you have a yard for a garden or a small container to plant in, this fun and exciting program is a great way to engage all members of the community and a great family activity,” she said, excited for another year of planting.

Also, the library does not require that harvested seeds be brought back to the library, but they do encourage patrons to send in photos to show them what they have grown.

“Since the program has begun, people are very interested in coming in and taking advantage of it and growing their own garden,” said library clerk Donna Evans. “And they love it!”


It is a collection of seeds that you can “borrow” for planting at home or community garden. All of the seeds are organic and are purchased through Seed Savers or High Mowing Organic Seeds.


Simply fill out the form on the library’s website and choose up to five packets of seeds. Then, you will receive a mailing from the library with seeds to plant in your garden. Slips are also available at the library. And, no, you don’t need to return the seeds! However, they do love to see photos from local library members’ success.


As for herbs, there are basil, mint and thyme, to name just a few. For veggies, there are options for cauliflower, zucchini, and squash, and for flowers there are options for marigolds and sunflowers. For a complete list of options, visit the drop-down menu in Selections on the library website.


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