New tortoise exhibit at LI Game Farm


A new African sulcata tortoise exhibit has been built at the game farm because these giant tortoises are often cast-off pets and require rescuing, rehabbing (we have two with special needs) or re-homing. They require special care due to their size (they can reach over 200 pounds). The game farm offers them permanent homes for their lifetime (they can live well over 80 years). They are the third-largest largest species of tortoise in the world after the Galapagos and the Aldabra.
The new exhibit is sponsored by Symbiotic Property and Landscape Management. Symbiotic Property and Landscape Management is located in Center Moriches. They have been a key sponsor at the Long Island Game Farm for over one year.
“The exhibit build was a team effort between us and the game farm – proof of the real ‘symbiotic’ relationship we have,” said Symbiotic’s owners, Charlene Carrano and Brian Jurgen.
Melinda Novak, a co-owner for the game farm said, “It’s been a long time coming. We have been dreaming of creating a sanctuary for these intelligent and personable tortoises that we take in. This year we were able to make it come true with the help of a fantastic team! We look forward to watching our guests experience these tortoises close up as we will offer encounters throughout the season.”
The Long Island Game Farm opens for weekends on April 17.

About the tortoises:
Some have been cared for very well, but others have permanently damaged shells due to improper care.
•Roxy was left in an apartment and has parts of her hind legs missing as well as serious shell damage from lack of nutrition and sunlight.
•Clyde is a perfect, smart guy who loves children and responds to his name. He was obviously well-loved.
•Flint has a permanently damaged shell, but he gets around ok. They use Flint to demonstrate what can happen if you don’t take your pet-care seriously.
•Speedy is mid-size and very healthy. He is used for education, but he is getting very hefty.
•Recently, they welcomed Lincoln, a sweet 5-year-old sulcata who will be educating folks this season.


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