Meet Matt, the 12-year-old farmer

Barn Again Farm is located in Center Moriches


Twelve-year-old Matt Gartelman moved to the Moriches in 2022 from Wantagh in Nassau County with his family, seeking a life with more outdoors and space. As a first-generation farm manager, he found just that in Center Moriches by creating and co-owning Barn Again Farm. He lives on the just under two-acre farm, located at 87 Bernstein Boulevard, with his parents and older brother and sister.

“It’s family owned, and I run and maintain the farm,” he said, noting his parents own the property. “We had a really small garden [in Nassau], but we moved out here for much more property.”

Matt raises pigs, goats, horses, rabbits, turkeys, chickens and ducks, among other animals. And in the spring, he has a small farm stand where he sells home-grown vegetables as well as flowers and plants. He also sells fresh herb and vegetable kits for customers to grow their own.

The farm, he said, is committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices. They use natural fertilizers and pest control methods to ensure the crops are healthy and free from harmful chemicals. Also, the animals are raised in spacious and clean environments, with plenty of access to fresh air and sunshine.

With rescue animals and animals with disabilities, like a partially blind and deaf pig, and a miniature horse with a heart murmur, the farm name, according to his mother Michelle Gartelman, was originally all about the animals on the farm getting a second chance. But, she said, “The truth is, after the pandemic, moving to the farm was a new beginning for all of us and we believe God led us here.”

Matt also rescued a pregnant mama rabbit who was dumped in a park—growing his rabbit population quickly. He also has two chinchillas and a hedgehog he rescued from families that no longer wanted them.

“We are so proud of the passion and enthusiasm he has for farming and promoting agriculture among youth in our community,” Michelle said of her son. “The East End has such a unique agricultural history and array of farms and growers, and everyone he has met has been so kind to share their experiences and help him grow.”

Matt is also known for touring local businesses and farms for his YouTube page, with a goal of teaching the importance of farming to kids and the community. Recently, he visited Waterdrinker Family Farm.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Matt this year. He is a local kid with a passion for farming and growing and learning about other local farm/greenhouse businesses,” said Marc Weiss, owner of local Waterdrinker Family Farm in Manorville. “To me, he seems like a young Doug Geed. I’m super impressed with his work ethic and his drive to grow his business.”

Matt said he is grateful to the local farms, including Waterdrinker and Hulse, which have helped him learn and grow his own farm.

This spring, Matt hopes to continue his tours and expand his farm stand by selling additional items, including local honey and flower bouquets. He also hopes to build a nicer stand attached to a trailer to sell out of as well as host events to allow people to visit.

“I want this farm to keep growing,” he said, noting he also has plans to move out to different properties as an adult. “My business goal is to help children and families in the community to know about farming on Long Island.”

He also intends to eventually pursue a degree in veterinary or agricultural studies.

The farm stand will put out a schedule every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall. The farm stand is set up at the home address; however, it does move to other locations. His farm stand will reopen in the coming months; a date and locations will be announced via his Instagram page. 



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