Man on the Street: back to school

What’s your favorite subject?


Now that back-to-school season is upon us and people are beginning to ditch their iced coffees in favor of the legendarily early-fall pumpkin spice latte, or PSL, we figured it was time to hit the streets and ask people, young and old, what their favorite subject in school was. We ventured into Eastport and stopped on Montauk Highway’s downtown shopping area; then we went into Center Moriches to visit Kaler’s Park.

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Eastport, Montauk Highway

Name: Grace Papagno

Favorite subject: English

Why: “I liked English because it deals with kingdoms and humans, and it tells us where we came from and why we’re here; and it also deals with grammar—and I like grammar. I became an English teacher because of it.”

Name: Linda Fontana-Pratt

Favorite subject: Art

“I loved art all throughout school and then eventually wound up working in advertising, doing creative print ads.”

Name: Charley Moore

Favorite subject: Math

“I always liked playing with numbers.”

Name: Rebecca Robinson

Favorite subject: English literature

“I’m a lover of books; ‘Gone with the Wind’ was one of the first books I fell in love with. Then I found British literature; Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is one of my favorites. I love a strong female lead.”

Center Moriches, Kaler’s Park

Name: Rich

Favorite subject: History

“I liked history because it’s a more narrative thing than science or math, but also if we’re going to understand the world we’re living in now, we have to first understand the world we came from.”

Name: Kaitlin Arnasate

Favorite subject: Physical education

“I always liked PE because that’s how I got my energy out. I just enjoy sports.”

Name: AJ

Favorite subject: Gym

“Coach B is my favorite. I like running around and playing.”

Name: Christine Handy

Favorite subject: English

“I liked English because I always really liked writing and I’ve been really good at spelling my whole life.”

Name: Anthony Handy

Favorite subject: Math

“I like math because I’m good at division and fractions.”

Name: Adriana Handy

Favorite subject: Art

“I’m good at painting just like my mom. I like when we glue stuff and when we make projects.”


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