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Let’s face it—autumn on Long Island is an unrivaled experience. We might be a touch biased, but the undeniable truth remains: October means fun. It means lots of unbeatable seasonal activities, from pumpkin picking to wine tasting, to venturing into eerie haunted houses, and even savoring pumpkin spice lattes while in the company of friends—the options are endless.

Curiosity piqued, we asked Moriches locals what their go-to pursuits and discoveries across Long Island were. This is what they said. Do you have an opinion? Let us know. What do you like to do in the month of October? Share your thoughts on Facebook and join the conversation.


“Every year during the month of October, we used to have a fundraiser for the animal rescue. We don’t do it anymore, but we used to. We’d have raffles and prizes. There was a prize for best costume. Everyone would get dressed up. It’s a beautiful memory, but it doesn’t happen anymore.”

Kim and Ray

According to Kim: “We like going out East. We like to go out to the farms and pick pumpkins, do stuff like that, but we also go out to see the flowers, the tulip festival.”

(Not Pictured) Paul

“Pumpkin beer is the best.”

Jessie Gerbino and Antonio Gerbino

According to Jessie: “I love going out to the Milk Pail. They make fresh potato chips. They have corn husks. There is apple picking. It’s very family oriented and fun. It’s been our favorite place for at least 10 years.”

According to Antonio: “I love to go on spooky walks. There is one nearby. It’s fun to do it with my friends and to get into the Halloween spirit.”

Karen Piciullo and Giavanna Piciullo

According to Karen: “We do so much this time of the year. We usually visit the u-pick apple orchards farther east. We pick berries out there, too. We also do a bunch of different haunted houses and spooky walks. There’s so much to do here.”

According to Giavanna: “I love going apple picking. It’s fun. I always liked weighing the apples as a kid.”


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