Ice cream couple open new Manorville parlor

Rainbow Scoops opens Memorial Day weekend


Evelyn and Rich Morales, the couple behind Rainbow Rolls in Center Moriches, are ready to expand their passion for ice cream.

The couple, married four years, plan to open Rainbow Scoops at 460 County Road 111, in the King Kullen Shopping Center in Manorville, Memorial Day weekend.

Since opening Rainbow Rolls last year, the couple’s rolled ice cream has attracted a following. However, they met many community members not quite ready for the rather new novelty. During some downtime, they decided to tap into the old-school dessert market with Rainbow Scoops, which as the name suggests, will serve traditional scooped ice cream in a number of flavors.

The couple’s new venture will also push the envelope yet again for their fans.

“The new location was inspired by kind of a slow winter here and being able to provide for our other clientele, for people who don’t like rolled ice cream or are a little iffy about it,” Evelyn Morales said. “Sometimes the community just wants to stick with the regular vanilla, fudge, whipped cream and cherry on top. We wanted to be able to provide that, and we also wanted to make it a little bit more exquisite by also having the cotton candy burrito and keeping with our unique Rainbow Rolls brand.”

While Rainbow Rolls’ specialty is its rolled ice cream served in a waffle-cone taco shell, the new Rainbow Scoops will serve scooped ice cream wrapped in a cotton candy burrito.

After a few weeks of experimenting with different layering techniques, flavors, and rolling methods, the couple cracked the code on their innovation.

When ordering these specialties, customers pick three scoops of any flavor of ice cream and three dry toppings. Wet toppings are a no-go, as they could dissolve the cotton candy. The couple and their team spread the cotton candy onto a cookie sheet and carefully arrange the customers’ selections.

“Then we roll it into a regular burrito and then you can just take a big bite out of it like a regular burrito,” Evelyn Morales said. “When I first saw it, I thought it might be too sweet for me. But once you take a bite into it, the ice cream and the cotton candy complement each other so well.”

Initially, Rainbow Scoops will stick with pink and blue cotton candy, but may venture into different colors and flavors down the road. As for the ice cream, the shop will offer all the flavors the couple currently sells in pints in Center Moriches. Among the more unique offerings are strawberry cheesecake, blue cookie monster, and dulce de leche.

“We’re going to have a lot of very similar flavors to here, but a couple of different ones,” Morales said. “We should have a couple of sorbets, a couple of different vegan flavors, which will be good. We’re going to have baked goods there, too. Over there, we have an entire display case where we’re going to have cake pops and cupcakes and other fun stuff for people.”

Both Evelyn and Rich Morales have sweet teeth and hunted novelty treats separately before they even met.

“We are big foodies and we will travel,” Evelyn Morales said. “Before my husband and I met each other we were big rolled ice cream fans, and then once we got together it just became a passion that we would go every year to Florida and get that ice cream.”

They introduced rolled ice cream to Center Moriches Memorial Day weekend 2021. If all goes according to plan and Rainbow Scoops opens on schedule, Evelyn Morales said that this Memorial Day weekend will be twice as special.

“There will be a whole party at both locations,” she said. “It will be a year here and a grand opening over there.”