Farm stand features fresh flowers, fruit, veggies and more!

Barn Again Farms opens for the season


Twelve-year-old Moriches farmer Matt Gartelman recently celebrated his season opener in late April. His farm stand is now open this May at 87 Bernstein Boulevard with an official schedule on his Instagram page.

The stand will feature local flowers, fresh fruit, and vegetables grown in his very own garden; plants and garden-grow kits; fresh eggs, honey, garden décor, and deer-out repellent.

“We will have everything you need to start your garden,” he assured. “We’re going to have all sorts of beautiful spring flowers and plant starts from our farm.”

But best of all—he will be bringing along his baby animals, including two baby goats, some ducks, and maybe even some rabbits. The goats—as are all of his animals—were recent rescues from a local farm and will only be about five weeks old by the start of May.

He said that a new addition this year, aside from the grow kits, will be local honey from his new beehive. His honey should be ready throughout the summer.

Last year, Matt shut down operations in October, and by December he was already gearing up for the 2024 spring season.

Throughout the winter, he films videos for his YouTube channel, visiting local farms for content and ideas. By January, he said, he was already in the greenhouse and his basement prepping seeds. In February through May, he then started warm-crop seeds.

“The main thing is making sure people get the best quality plants when they get from us,” Matt said of his process and local flower supplier.

Varieties to be made available at his stand will include peas, watermelon, beans, beets, cabbage, dill, pumpkins, and peppers among others—though, his best-sellers are eggplants, tomatoes and cucumbers. New offerings this year are squash, corn, and he will be selling his sunflowers, too. Prices range from a single veggie at about $2 to $4 up to $20 to 30 for a flat.

“Another new product will be my cherry tomatoes [in] hanging baskets; the tomatoes will be falling over the sides, but that will be later in the season,” he said, anticipating his ideas.

The farm, he said, is committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices. They use natural fertilizers and pest-control methods to ensure the crops are healthy and free from harmful chemicals. Also, the animals are raised in spacious and clean environments, with plenty of access to fresh air and sunshine.

A full May schedule will be available as of May 1 and can be found at or on Instagram @barnagainfarm. Dates are subject to change without notice.


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