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Q&A with president and CEO


East End Hospice offers more than the basics of end-of-life care, with services including home hospice care and facility hospice care at their Kanas Center, and bereavement and children’s bereavement with a dedicated center, both located in West Hampton Beach, as well as health care services and volunteering opportunities.

East End Hospice is Eastern Long Island’s only independent, not-for-profit hospice, where charitable donations sustain their work. Insurance covers about 80 percent of the cost of caring for their patients; however, they accept all patients regardless of insurance status, and no patient or family ever receives a bill for care.

What happens when a person is admitted?

When a person is admitted to hospice at home, EEH develops an individualized plan of care for the patient and their loved ones, managed by an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals including social workers, nurses, hospice aides, volunteers, chaplains, and others.

All medical care is provided under the direction of the patient’s primary physician or the EEH medical director, depending on the patient’s preference. Care might include: medications and medical equipment, such as oxygen and hospital beds, delivered to the home; personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding, performed by hospice aides; visits by nurses and nurse practitioners, who are available 24/7 to educate caregivers about their loved one’s day-to-day needs; emotional support and help with practical matters, like insurance benefits and final arrangements, from licensed social workers; alternative therapies such as massage and healing touch; visits from volunteers to offer socialization and caregiver respite; and spiritual guidance and pastoral care.

“Families tell me all the time that our Kanas Center for Hospice Care is unlike any medical facility they’ve been to previously,” said Mary C. Crosby, president and CEO. “From the beautiful surroundings and calming interior spaces to the singular and specialized focus of our staff, we consider every aspect to ensure that our patients and their loved ones are supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Crosby took the time to chat with the Tide of Moriches to answer the following questions:

TIDE: How long has EEH been around? 

MC: East End Hospice has been providing hospice care for more than 30 years. Originally conceived by a dedicated group of friends and neighbors in the late 1980s, EEH received hospice certification in 1991.        

TIDE: What makes it special? What do you offer that sets your establishment apart?

MC: EEH is Eastern Long Island’s only independent not-for-profit hospice. Our 98.5-plus average caregiver satisfaction is testament to the quality of care we provide. We serve families across more than 450 square miles at our Kanas Center—the only inpatient hospice in the area. Our Zinberg Family Bereavement Center offers specialized grief and bereavement support from licensed therapists. Our services are free of charge. 

TIDE: Why is hospice care important, and how do you help families through this time?

MC: The specialized training that hospice nurses, aides, social workers, staff and volunteers bring to this work brings a level of support that benefits patients and their loved ones. Every patient’s plan of care encompasses the goals and needs of the extended family unit, not just the patient. We support everyone, and continue supporting family and friends with check-in calls and grief and bereavement support for as long as needed after the death of a loved one. 

TIDE: What is Camp Good Grief? How long have you been offering that service?

MC: Camp Good Grief was established in 1997. We combine traditional camp fun with a variety of therapeutic modalities to help children, ages 4 to 17, process and adapt to the loss of a loved one. Camp happens here in Center Moriches at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck. We have a great partnership with the camp. 

TIDE: How has EEH been able to become part of the community? Do your employees live nearby?

MC: EEH was conceived of by local community members, many of whose children and grandchildren are still involved today. We have more than 150 local volunteers, and many of our donors at all levels live right here in the community. Our staff live in the area, too. EEH employees live in towns across the North and South forks; several are current residents of or grew up in the Moriches. 

East End Hospice is a registered 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization, tax ID number 11-2878502. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. To learn more about opportunities to support East End Hospice call 631.288.7080. Donate online at eeh.org/donate


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