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Long Island Farm Brewery opens at Waterdrinker Family Farms


Located in a former potato barn, the Long Island Farm Brewery tasting room and brewhouse are reminiscent of Long Island's farming past. Fifth-generation farmers and brothers, Joe and Kirk Weiss, recently opened the local brewery in Manorville on property next to the Waterdrinker Family Farm with friend, Nick Giuffre.

“We’re really excited about the brewery opening up next to Waterdrinker,” farmer Mark Weiss said in admiration of his brothers and friend. “Local families are always looking for something to do, so this is a perfect addition to the farm. Nick, Kirk and Joe have put in hours and hours of hard work to get the brewery up and running, and the beer is amazing.”

Born and raised in the world of agriculture, they said their goal is to create a farm experience focused around family. The brewery sits on over 80 acres, including an area for their future hop field, for a truly local brew.

Brewer Kirk said the brewery has about 10 exclusive beers on tap, including a Dutch pilsner, an IPA, a strawberry blonde and a special brew sunflower honey beer. All ingredients, including the hops, are as locally sourced as possible, with the sunflower seeds straight from the farm and the honey from Bay Shore.

“We hope to share our farm with local families,” Kirk said, excited to be open. “We all have young families of our own. People should come down. We’re brewing new beers every couple of weeks.”

His favorite? The Hoppy German, an IPL (Indian pale lager).

“It’s a clear, crisp beer with a cleaner hop taste,” he said.

Entrance and seating will be offered at a first-come, first-served basis, with just over 90 seats, which, he said, will fill quickly. There will be live music and food trucks offered on the weekends. Check social media for updates.

As part of the continued COVID-19 restrictions, all unvaccinated guests are required to wear a mask while not seated and practice social distancing. No limos, buses or vans are permitted. To-go growlers and cans as well as additional LIFB merch is available at the farm.

With the addition, the farm truly boasts a one-of-a-kind brewery atmosphere with an abundance of seasonal festivals, farm animals, flower fields and endless activities for children.



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