Dougie finds a home


There were balloons, party hats, and Prosecco in tiny white paper cups as 20 or more well-wishers waited in the Almost Home office, each pausing to look expectantly from time to time at the main entrance.

Finally, at 3:15 p.m., the guest of honor arrived, along with Robin and Damian Moreno, his new family, who were met with cheers and laughter.  And, like the gentle soul he is, Dougie made the rounds, pausing before each excited guest, his tail wagging, face burrowed as he nuzzled each greeter.

Many of those who had worked so hard to make this moment happen looked on approvingly at the changes having a home had brought:  weight gain; a soft and shiny coat; a bright demeanor; and a passion for any chew toy that caught his eye.

According to Robin, the decision to adopt Dougie was an easy one to make.

“We’d lost our dog a year ago,” she shared.  “We were ready to adopt again, but knew it had to be right.  We live a few minutes from Almost Home, so we decided to volunteer right before Christmas, to help walk the dogs so they get some exercise.  When we were asked if we could take Dougie home and foster him for the holidays, we were happy to do it.  Then a friend showed us the newspaper.  We found out Dougie’s a star.  We love him.”

After a suitable time for photos and happy tears, Robin approached the desk, where a red folder holding adoption papers awaited her signature as Damian looked on.

Thinking she was finished, Robin looked up, ready to rejoin the party.  But there was one more paper to sign.  “In case you want to return him,” the director said gently, sliding the form forward.  She knew all too well that had happened before and could happen again.

Anchoring the page with her left hand, Robin signed her name one more time.  “He’s not going anywhere,” she said.


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