Clayton Huey safety sleuths

Students earn badges by completing PSEG Long Island’s electrical safety coursework


About 25 Clayton Huey Elementary students in Ms. DeMaria’s class recently participated in PSEG Long Island’s electrical safety program by becoming “Safety Sleuths.”

Over 1,700 elementary school students from 21 schools across Long Island became Safety Sleuths for completing the program in their classrooms. Sponsored by PSEG Long Island, the coursework provided the students an opportunity to engage in safety lessons and create posters on topics related to electrical safety. Teachers were then encouraged to submit their favorite three projects to be considered for inclusion in an online gallery. 
Of the more than 90 submitted posters, 25 will be featured in the gallery and on PSEG Long Island’s social media channels.
“It is important to teach children electrical safety from a young age, and this curriculum was specifically developed to educate elementary school students with simple lessons in a non-frightening way,” said Suzanne Brienza, PSEG Long Island’s director of customer experience and utility marketing. “We are very pleased with the positive feedback from students and teachers about this new Safety Sleuth program, and we’re happy to officially dub the participating students Safety Sleuths.” 
Ms. DeMaria said the competition helped bring awareness to her students about the hazardous conditions and how to react in those situations. The project, she added, offered multiple opportunities for students to not only be creative, but to also express what they learned through a project that aligned with their learning styles.

“I encouraged each of my students to choose a different safety tip for their project,” she said. “This was beneficial for all of my students because it allowed them to view a variety of safety tips through multiple lenses.”


“The part that was most fun was when I got to see my friends work and see my own work. I could see how good it was and that inspired me.” - Jackson, grade 3

“The part that was the most fun was that I got to go to my house and tell my family what I learned about safety, and that inspired me to be safer around electricity.” – Keira, grade 3

“The part that was the most fun was thinking of the character designs for my safety book.” - Trevor grade 3

“The part that was the hardest was trying to think of an idea because I learned so much.” - Sofia, grade 3

“The part that was the most fun was when I was painting it because painting the picture really helped me understand what was safe and unsafe.” - Aubrie, grade 3

“The hardest part was when I had to think of my ideas and put it into a book with my drawings.” - Jaiden, grade 3


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